Contact us confidentially

There are several ways to contact LobbyControl confidentially.

Our research currently focuses on lobby efforts of big digital companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, so we are particularly interested in information regarding this topic. Documents substantiating any such information would be particularly helpful.

How to contact us

To send us confidential information, you can use our GlobeLeaks form to contact us confidentially. Any data or files submitted through the form are automatically protected with strong encryption. The encryption applies to the connection between the form and us. Please make sure that you also protect your data on the way into the contact form. We strongly recommend you follow the instructions below.

You can reach our form via Tor here: iwdt7cd6c67kwicysbsrh3xids5f32yg4bq
(only works on the Tor network)

Outside the protected Tor network, you can access the form here:

You can also send information anonymously by post. Simply send a thumb drive containing the documents to LobbyControl e.V., Am Justizzentrum 7, 50939 Köln.

If you have a PGP key, you can also send an encrypted email to This is our PGP-Key (fingerprint: B696 CEEB 3311 9BFC EFCA BE41 1D76 A0D9 370A 7875).

Always follow these simple rules

  • Do not email us from your office or using your company e-mail address.
  • Do not use your company mobile or laptop. It is best to use a public computer at an internet café or a library.
  • Whenever possible, use the Tor browser to contact us. It will make it more difficult to trace your internet activity.
  • Whenever possible, load the files onto a thumb drive without copying them onto the hard drive of the computer. You can attach files directly from the thumb drive to an e-mail or upload them to our contact form.
  • If you use our form to upload documents, delete the browser history and cache when you are done.

Important note

Even if you use the Tor Browser and encrypt your messages with PGP or GlobeLeaks, sharing confidential information and documents can still put you at risk. No software provides complete protection.

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