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LobbyControl is a civil society initiative that provides information on lobbying, PR campaigns and think tanks and promotes transparency and democracy in Germany and on the European level. LobbyControl was founded in 2005 and is a registered non-profit organisation. We are a part of the European Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU).

Our website is in German only, sorry. This page only intends to give some basic data on our structure and finances in English. English information on our work on the European level can be found on the ALTER-EU website. You will also find us in the transparency register of the European Commission and European Parliament.

For English language news on Big Tech lobbying, please follow us on Twitter or Mastodon!

Please feel free to contact us for further questions and information.

Board members (honorary)

Lea Hartung, Sebastian Hennig, Leonce Röth, Arne Semsrott, Jutta Sundermann

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Financial information

LobbyControl is financed by member fees, donations form individuals and foundations.

Main sources of income in 2022 (in thousand Euros):

  • Member fees: 822 T Euros
  • Donations by individual supporters: 792 T Euros
  • Contributions by foundations and non-profit organisations: 224 T Euros
  • Sale of publications and tickets to guided tours: 47 T Euro

Total: 1.891 T Euros

LobbyControl didn’t receive any money from public institutions or corporations. More financial information is available in our annual reports (in German).

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